Monday, 2 October 2017

Pootlers New Catalogue Team Swap!!!!

Hello and a warm welcome to my blog

As a Stampin' Up Demonstrator we love taking part in swaps, so every new catalogue we do a team swap. We are allocated into teams of 5/6, and send out a card to each person in your team using products from the new catalogue.

This was the card i created and sent to my team members.
I used the Season Like Christmas Stamp Set.

Item...144860 - £15.00

And these were the cards that i received.....

Gorgeous huh......

Hope you enjoyed them as much i did, 
Thank you for stopping by,
All from me for now.

Hugs Pat x

Sunday, 9 October 2016

My Stampin' Up Story.

Hello and welcome to my blog.

This week during are weekly team call, we were asked to share are Stampin' Up stories, 
well that was easy, it was the co-ordination for me.

So i hope your sitting comfortable......... here is my story!!! 

I have always been into craft, since about the age of 11 and having my 1st sewing class at school, i was hooked, i bought my 1st sewing machine from my mum's friend catalouge and paid for it each week from my pocket money.

Over the years i have done all sorts of different crafts including Knitting, making home decor, dried flower arranging ect, and then i found paprecrafting, about 19 years ago.

By this time i had been papercrafting for a few years now, when while at a craft show,  i came across a Stampin' Up catalouge, i took it home and browsed  through it, my 1st thought was i like the look of these prouducts, but never really gave it much more thought after that.

During that time i have crafted with CD Roms,( I have hundreds), Dies, Paper packs, Card packs, (yep, u'v guessed it)  you name it, i have it.

I have always classed myself as having an addictive personality, when i start a new craft, i have to have it all, but last week my upliner said she has the collector gene, i much prefer that, lol.

Well earlier this year i found myself crafting less and less as i was getting bored with it all, and it did cross my
mind about giving up. I having been  runnning  a craft group now for about 2 1/2 years, once a week teaching others all types of craft, and while browsing YouTube for something different for 1 of my classes, this is where i came across sam's videos.

I followed here directions for a project and took it to class that week, and many more weeks after that, they seemed to really enjoy, (and so did I).

So i did a bit of research into Stampin' Up, and in June this year i decided to join and become a Stampin' Up demontrator. I havent looked back since.

I wasn't sure if meeting the quarterly target was going to be possible, how wrong was I, 
I have meet my 1st target by sept, and not to far off my 6 month target.

I still run my weekly craft group, and my ladies mainly craft with dies, most dont like stamping either, so now once a month i do a Stampin' Up workshop, and have managed to convert a few of them into stampers.

They, as i do love the way the products, the cardstock, inks, papers, all coordinate perfectly, and how the stamp sets are so different to what you normally see,

 To think it use to take me hours, or even days to complete a card, because am a bit OCD with my colour co-ordinations.

I hope i havent bored you to much, i will finish off with pictures from last Thursday's class.

They are a messy bunch!!

Didn't they do well!!!

Thank you for taking time to read my story, if you have anything you would like me to explain about becoming a Stampin' Up, or even interested in any of the products, please do not hesitate to contacts me.

All from me for now

Hugs Pat xx

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Mini Tissue Box

Hello, and welcome to my blog,

Mini Tissue Box

Todays project is very quick and easy to make, it uses very little products.

Starting with a sheet of A4 card, cut it down to measure 8ins x 7 1/2ins.

Score along the long side (8ins) at 1/2in, 1 3/4ins, 6 1/4ins, and 7 1/2ins,
then score along the short side (7 1/2ins) score at 2 1/4in, 3 1/2ins, 5 3/4ins and 7ins,

After scoring, cut the box out as in template pictured below,

Cut your paper to

4 1/4ins  2ins,    (1)
4 1/4ins x 1ins   (2)
2ins x 1in           (2) 

Cover the box with paper, place your die centrally onto the top,

 Cut out an aperture,

Using the same dies and a slightly larger scallop die, cut a frame that fits over the aperture

Apply adhesive to the frame, place over the aperture, apply adhesive to narrow strip, and stick the box together.

Pop in a small pocket size pack of tissues, close tabs at both end.

decorate as you wish.

Products Used

Sweet sugarplum cardstock - Item no- 141423
Playful palette designer Series Paper Stack - Item no- 141657

I hope you have enjoyed my 1st project. 

All the items used can be purchased from my Stampin up online web shop.

I would love you to leave a comment, and let me know what you think.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

All from me for now

Hugs Pat xx

Friday, 16 September 2016


Hello, and welcome to my blog,

I have only been a Stampin up demonstrator now since June 2016, and absolutely loving it,
and i am finding out that i belong to a fabulous team that i am still getting to know slowly, they are very supportive group of people, who are never to busy to give a helping hand when needed.

On my blog i will been sharing all my makes and project by doing step by step tutorials,
so feel free to use them, and let me know what you think by leaving me a comment or
sharing what you do. 

I also run a small craft group once a week now for a couple of years or so, and i have introduced them to stampin up, I do a workhop once a month now with them, i think they are loving it too.

I am working on my 1st project to share with you all, watch this space in the next few days!!!!

One of my workshop projects.

All from me for now,
Hugs Pat x